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Your manicures can now last up to fourteen flawless days!!!!  Yes!!!!  Really!!!!

You can say goodbye to chips, smudges and drying time and hello to Shellac Hybrid Nail colour.  "Hybrid" means it is a combination of gel technology, polish technology, and new technology developed especially for Shellac.

On like a polish

Wears like a gel

Off in minutes

Designed for clients with natural nails, Shellac offers amazing depth of colour and mirror shine for that flawless finish.

Shellac is perfect for weak, thin, brittle nails that are prone to snags as it adds a tough, resiliant and flexible coating.

Shellac is available is a wide range of amazing colours and also in a classic french polish.

Shellac Manicure

Have high gloss, shiny nails with a flawless finish that are instantly dry!!

Shellac Fingers 40 mins £20.00
Shellac Toes 40 mins £20.00

or have both applied for £35.00

Shellac Added To Any Manicure Or Pedicure Add 15 mins £10.00